5 Best Content Marketing Trends in 2019

Date 28 Feb 2019
Posted in SEO

The word content marketing is not a new term for all you digital marketers. But introducing yourself to various tricks and tactics to keep the game of content marketing is what may sound a little new to you. In the world of strong digital presence, what a brand needs to put on its various platforms is engaging and appealing content that may glue the eyes of the viewer and possibly come up with a positive impact for your account. Before digging deeper into the roots of content marketing, let us get an over view of what content marketing is.

Content Marketing is a no barrier. The two-word title gives you the complete idea of what it means. It is not just about how your market your content, but more of how you create or write a content.

Now, the first and the foremost trick to ace any channel of content marketing is to stay update with all the new trends that are being followed in the field. Below is a brief of various trends of content marketing that are sure of making their way into the 2019.

Content Re-marketing: Content Marketing is a way in which you can re display your content to the user who were not sold any of your services and successfully not converted into a customer. This is an online form of targeted advertising in which the customers are shown information on the basis of their previous internet actions. So, the people would always have the option to come back and finish of the pending article or anything of the sort. This helps in bringing back the visitor to your website and later convert it into sales or a lead.

Podcasts and Embedding Videos: The latest trend that people are talking off is the podcasts and embedding videos. Podcasts is a very helpful tool for the people who are much occupied to read through things. This will help the user multitask and effectively use his time. Embedding videos from any channel give an easy understanding of any subject matter. This easy form of content helps people to understand and this is all what will attract people towards your website or blog. One of the factor that will help you rank your website is the duration of the visitor on your website. The duration increases by a great amount when the frequency of such videos increases.

Funny and Humorous: Funny and humorous content is what will attract major number of viewers. Try to bring up funny content for the sake of your viewer. Because a good laugh can kill the pressure away. It is fun to consume the content informative and entertaining. Also, the chances of viewers remembering your content also increases widely. But always make sure that while you lay emphasize on creating humorous content, there should be nothing on the side of being at loss.

Promotion: Just because you are developing content, it is not assured that it is going to be seen by people. The users have to know that such content exist on various platforms. Always keep in your mind that make your brand active  on new channels. One needs to find their own set of people and demographic details on the basis of your market. So, just move forward and find the niche segments to target on and then being able to spread your content across various different channels.

Voice Search: The next big thing that is being talked about is the voice search. Well it is already declared that it is one of the biggest advancements that technology has witnessed in the past years. It is also being that that voice search has the power to take over the regular search on a great extent. This is what has been predicted by the experts. So whenever you create any kind of content make sure that the questions may be asked on the voice search. This point is not very essential today, but in the coming future, it is what will help your brand get mentioned in a lot of the searches by the users. 


Well, now its all said, and the only thing left is for you to work on it.  There is no such framework that defines the perfect content marketing or its scope and its area of action. But understanding it and practising to improve will surely help you in the longer run.

Content Marketing is a dynamic field. Always refresh and adapt new strategies over time as you lose the effectiveness of common tricks and tactics. As a brand when you just lay emphasis on the content creation, but side by side how you can effectively utilize the same to expand your business and generate new opportunities for your business to grow.

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